How to Improve your Essay Writing

If I wanted to improve my writing, I would focus on the five tips below. There is obviously a lot that goes into writing beyond the act of writing! But you can’t advance unless you have the basics down. Work your way through our tips, and watch the magic happen.

Brush Up on the Basics

The first step is to brush up on the basics. All those English classes will not have been in vain! Why not go to writing like Essay Zoo to get some samples of good writing?

What are the basics of writing?

·      Sentence structure

·      Vocabulary

·      Basic grammar

·      Outlines

·      Deadlines

·      Writing times

You need the basics in order to work on everything else. The basics will let you build a good writing strategy. If you set up a good writing habit – write every day, even if just for ten minutes at first - then you stand a good chance of continuing it in the future.

This could be a good time to make some changes to the way you write. If you haven’t been in the habit of making outlines for your work, why not start? An outline could be just what you need to take your writing to the next level. Outlines can be helpful in all kinds of writing since there are no fixed ideas of what should go into one. Plenty of people use them for this reason – they can put down things to remember, try out different sentence structures, and more.

Understanding of Basic Grammar, Style, and Punctuation

The basis of writing skills is grammar, style, and punctuation. Grammar is what makes your writing into something people can understand. Style is what sets you apart from others, and also what sets different writing apart. Punctuation is needed to turn good sentences into better ones.

You need a good understanding of these three things for any type of writing. Grammar and punctuation are especially necessary. Without good grammar, who will people know what you are trying to say? There is so much that goes into any kind of writing. Do you want to spoil that through your bad use of grammar?

Just think about the consequences of bad grammar. If you are doing some academic work, bad grammar can be fatal! Part of the marking in an academic essay or other assignment focuses on grammar in particular. If you can’t use the correct grammar, then you can’t properly explain your ideas. People might not understand what you are saying. That is a bad situation.

Brushing up on these three things will get your writing to improve almost immediately. No matter what you are doing, and how you go about it, good grammar and style are always helpful.

Use the Right Vocabulary

Any good essay writing company knows that the correct vocabulary is very important. Some subjects have a highly specialized vocabulary. If you want to write about it with any degree of accuracy, you need to know the vocab.

The right vocabulary gives you credibility. It’s the same as above – vocabulary is part of the marking scheme because it can make or break your work. Think about it. If you ask an essay site to do an essay for you, you expect them to use the proper vocabulary, don’t you? Why should other people expect any less from you? An essay is supposed to show your understanding of a topic. If you can’t understand or use the proper vocabulary, why should people listen to what you have to say? If you can’t understand or use the proper vocabulary, then you have to ask if you actually understand what you are talking about.

Proper vocabulary can elevate any form of writing. If you can switch from formal to informal writing, and vice versa, then you have just opened up a wide world of writing. With the proper vocabulary, you can write anything from essays to stories, and you will always do well.

Imitate Writers You Admire

It can be hard to start writing, so here is one of the best writing tips out there: imitate the writers you admire the most. Remember that the best way to prepare for writing is through reading a lot. Find someone whose style you like and read it all the time. Then when you start writing, you can use their writing style until you find your own.

When it comes to writing, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. People who write books and essays for publication (particularly essays) are very good at what they do. If you use the same style, you are bound to see your own work improve.

This does not mean that you should copy things wholesale, of course. Imitate the writers you admire – don’t plagiarise off them. Plagiarism is very serious, and you could be in serious trouble if you are found out. Plagiarism is so serious that most essay sites have special policies in place to handle it. Remember that plagiarism can happen accidentally! This is especially true if you are in the habit of imitating a favored writer. You could accidentally use their work in place of your own.

Edit Your Work Ruthlessly

Editing is hugely important. You should get used to editing your work before you send it anywhere. Editing is a lot of work. You need to go over your work again and again and again. It is easy to miss things, which is why you should sometimes call in outside help. The basic editing you should do is this: never send in the first draft. You should always do some rewrites, to make sure that things are improved.

Editing takes your work and makes it better. You can use this process to find words and sentences that don’t really fit. The level of editing you use is up to you – you can do anything from a small proofing to an in-depth read. Be prepared to take your work apart as many times as might be necessary though.

Editing is what takes your work to the next level. You should never forget it.

Writing Improves With Time

Ultimately, the best way to improve writing skills is just to do it. You will get better with time and practice, the same as any other skill. These tips will help – they are a good start for anybody wanting to improve. Move onto more complex tips once you have mastered these.


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